The Toddler Café Cookbook

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The Toddler Café Cookbook
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Every toddler goes through the stage where they want nothing but "O"-shaped cereal. The challenge for parents is getting kids to ask for fruit salad instead of cupcakes. Faced with this seemingly impossible task with her own child, Jennifer Carden has created The Toddler Café , a guide to making mealtime with children fun and interactive. It offers simple, creative ways for kids to identify with their food, like saying tuna salad is what mermaids eat, or making Minty Pea Pops in ice cube trays. Carden has created over 50 unique recipes that encourage families (including toddlers) to work together to prepare, eat, clean up, and best of all, look forward to a healthy, delicious meal.

Turn any party into a royal ball! Just add these clever, crown shaped cupcake bakers to the festivities, and suddenly your little gathering is as cool as a cotillion.

  • Jennifer Carden is an artist, chef, food stylist, and mother in the San Francisco Bay Area. She contributed to The Healthy Baby Workbook
  • Matthew Carden is a photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area
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