Red First Aid-Canvas Large Zippered Pouch

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Red First Aid-Canvas Large Zippered Pouch
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(Once these run out, it will be time to say bye-bye to this lovely product.)

Boo Boos are bound to happen!

It's always important to have a first aid kit on hand, specially with active little ones around. Larger size for a well-stocked bag!

Finally, a beautiful first aid pouch for your purse or diaper bag! Fill it with the items you most often use and a few must haves. We like to fill ours with: bandages, wipes, hand sanitizer, cotton, alcohol prep pads, scissors, plastic tweezers, gauze pads, ointments, cold packs and safety pins.

Now you can contain all the supplies and essentials you will need to take care of life's small emergencies.

  • Cotton canvas embroidered with a red medical cross
  • Lined with water resistant fabric
  • Measurements: 12" H x 12" W
  • Bag only
  • First aid items not included

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