Milk Bands Breastfeeding Reminder Log

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Milk Bands Breastfeeding Reminder Log
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(Once these run out, it will be time to say bye-bye to this lovely product.)

Baby arrived and now keeping track of feedings are going to be your #1 role.

No need for nursing journals, this brilliant Milk Band will track it all for you, so that your little bundle doesn't miss a feeding and stays on schedule. Just put it on and it conveniently provides all the features you need in one wrist without having to switch arms.

The clever indicator lets you know which breast should be used when starting a breast feeding session by simply flipping the Milk Band inside-out once during every nursing session. Its time measuring device has multiple purposes such as tracking how long baby fed and what time. Bonus-band even work in the dark! We know pregnancy leaves our memory a little less than perfect and that is just find with us, so put on your Milk Band, take one thing off your mind and enjoy every minute with baby.

    Milk Bands records:
  • Single feeding sessions to the nearest 5 minute increment
  • Multiple feeding sessions over a full day period
  • The number of times the baby fed in one day
  • The number of diapers a baby soiled during the day
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